It's The Little Things ➸ h.s.

It's The Little Things ➸ h.s.

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Hannah Johnson is a girl who is shy but wants to get famous in the music world. She strives to succeed and doesn't want to stop until her dreams become a reality. She falls in love easy, but doesn't trust as easily, based on the events that had happened to her in the past.

Harry Styles is just a heart throb for millions of girls, but doesn't fall in love easy. He doesn't always want the attention that he gets and at times likes to keep to himself. 

What would happen if Harry Styles and Hannah Johnson met? Would they push away from eachother, not wanting to see what could be? Or would they finally give love a chance?

  • bad
  • breakup
  • celebrities
  • embarrasing
  • fame
  • heartache
  • heartbreak
  • lies
  • malik
  • pleasure
  • romance
  • rumors
  • sad
  • scared
  • secrets
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  • tears
  • tomlinson
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InternetGirl8826 InternetGirl8826 Jun 19, 2017
Okay but seriously though they literally saved my life.. so yeah I agree with you there.
kiwi_eater kiwi_eater 5 days ago
Difference between talking to parents and talking to friends
Keynan_Hemopo Keynan_Hemopo Aug 30, 2016
Sad I had no idea who one direction were until few months ago now I know everything as if I were a fan from the beginning 😂😂
fablouismendes fablouismendes Jun 28, 2016
@ILove_Myself1 read this book. It's a Harry fanfic and it uses my name. It's a win win
longlivemattie longlivemattie Nov 01, 2016
Girl I'm dreaming about being an astrophycist, fuçk yeah, we can dream!
hazzabananastyles hazzabananastyles Nov 25, 2016
I also saw Harry Styles in the hotel they stayed at but I ignored him as well since I respect his privacy but mainly because that time, I dont really care if he's in the same hotel as me because Im not a fan. But now, brb crying.