Boys » ohshc | h.hitachiin (yaoi)

Boys » ohshc | h.hitachiin (yaoi)

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call me king™ By eatenalivebyboredom Updated Apr 01, 2016

There are multiple perspectives of the world; two of which being an optimistic's approach and a pessimistic's analysis.

For Hirozaki Soutashi, the world had everything he ever needed to be happy, give or take a few.

For Hitachiin Hikaru, the world was nothing but life's twisted never-ending game.

But neither felt purpose. And it'll take more than a few courteous hello's and a couple friendly goodbye's for that to change.

After all, boys will be boys.

an Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction | HikaruxOC (yaoi) 

[[ trigger warning ]]

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chocolaterulez chocolaterulez Jan 24, 2016
Oh my god this was worded pretty good like when he was pulling out the letter I was like SHIAT SHIAT
                              ALARM BELLS SHIAR