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Valeria's Lycan mate

Valeria's Lycan mate

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Amy Rosario By Vladimira121 Updated Feb 19

"Who's there?!" A voice yelled. I let out more tears and sobbed quietly. More leaves were crunching and the foot steps were coming closer. I closed my eyes and pretended to hide. Mommy said to hide whenever a stranger was scaring me. So I hid as best I could and sat quietly. 

"I said who's there?!" Finally, I heard the crunching stop but I didn't open my eyes. 'They found me...!' I thought, crying again. I think they bend down and came closer because I felt their breath on my face. I didn't look up and stood very still, hoping they would go away. They didn't.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" They asked. They sounded angry and it sounded like a boy. With more tears coming out, I opened my eyes a little and looked up at the boy. My eyes widened when I saw his eyes. They were really blue, a really light blue. It was really pretty like a jewel in mommy's jewelry box. It was really shiny. But, his hair was really dark, like the night sky with no stars. He had really bright teeth too. I think some teeth look pointy too. I couldn't see a lot of his face because it was really dark now. I cried a little more because mommy was surely worried now. 

His eyes widened when he looked into my eyes. I think he was still angry with me because he tapped me really hard. "Why are you crying?! Answer me!"

I sniffled and closed my eyes again. "I don't know where I am... Mommy is worried... I'm hurt... I'm cold-"

"You're hurt?! Where are you hurt?! Who hurt you?!" He growled. He grabbed me and shook me hard. He scared me so I cried again. Slowly, I looked up at him again and almost gasped. His pretty eyes weren't blue anymore.

*End of Flashback*

*first werewolf/lycan story! hope you like it!

Darkloverose Darkloverose Nov 19, 2016
English, learning Latin,elementary lvl Japanese (rusty), and a few words in Korean (never learned it but since my moms Korean I know what words to run from)
RoseHatake RoseHatake Aug 21, 2016
I know Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, English and a little Japanese
lovecristnia21 lovecristnia21 Aug 12, 2016
Omg that's my name. And my sister calls me lay to piss me off
SavageTITI SavageTITI 3 days ago
She's just like me, I can speak: French, Spanish, Arabic, English, a little bit of Italian and Korean. And I want to learn sign language.
mysteryperson0851 mysteryperson0851 Sep 04, 2016
Did anyone else notice that there is an anime that is almost spelled like that. 
                              P.S. It's called Utsosuki I think
XOmich3ll3OX XOmich3ll3OX Nov 19, 2016
I only know English, Spanish, and a little French(I'm still learning all the rules and stuff)
                              But I'm interested in learning Italian and Japanese in the future!