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Our Love // Ambrollins

Our Love // Ambrollins

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MARRYING SAMI ZAYN By IceCream_Hugs Completed


Dean sat in the therapists office, watching as he held up a piece of paper with the face of his ex-lover: Seth Rollins. 

"What is it with this guy?" the therapist questioned as Dean scanned the paper, painful memories flashing back into mind. 

"I hate his stupid face, his stupid hair...," Dean began, but couldn't go on. His eyes were becoming more teared up with each word he said. 

"What happened?" the therapist pried, claiming it was only best to talk about things. Dean closed his eyes, the sound of the chair hitting his back filling his ears. The evil smirk on Seth's face as he stood above him stuck in his head. The therapist could tell he was reliving that night - the one that ruined everything Dean and Seth ever had between them. "What you hate is him moving on, Dean. You miss him. You two were close, yes?" Dean simply nodded. "You still have feelings for him?" 

The last question stung, as Dean was unsure how to answer it, considering he wasn't sure himself of the real answer. 

"No, I hate him," Dean replied, hanging his head. His bangs went into his eyes, but he was hoping it would help to cover up the tears that were escaping.

Cover by: @-lunatix

Entered in the 2017 Watty Awards.

@HamiltonTraash for some reason Wattpad is being fussy but awe!! I love them so much and I love it when they wrestle together!!
idkstan idkstan Oct 22, 2016
How does this happen already?! My heart is already hurting for him!!!
AngaSong AngaSong Sep 22, 2016
I love how this summary is based off an ambrollins video I watched on YouTube! I'm so excited to read this!
-MammaMia- -MammaMia- Nov 22, 2015
Bro, I'm not sure what happened between you two, but I don't think you have the right to speak to him that enthusiastically anymore, Seth.
-MammaMia- -MammaMia- Nov 22, 2015
Dang it Roman!
                              Can't you give advice without bringing your catchphrase into this :)
-MammaMia- -MammaMia- Nov 22, 2015
I'm already loving how Seth is the douche rather than Dean right now. Usually, Seth is the whiny one :)
                              Maybe I'm speaking too soon, but if not, thank you for changing it.