SkyDoesMinecraft X Reader

SkyDoesMinecraft X Reader

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You were working at iHop one night, and met a group of people. It turned out to be SkyDoesMinecraft, and his awesome friends. You were then playing a game, Minecraft, that suddenly turned out to be something completely different and mind twisting. You and Sky are friends, but could your relationship be something more?

Sorry, I suck at writing summaries or descriptions, the story should be a lot better! Also, the cover/fan art belongs to their original artist.

This is my first fan fiction (that I'm posting online), so please give me some feedback! =)

It's like me saying, hey natalie you are about to play minecraft with one of you favorite youtubers, the one that makes you laugh, and the one that makes you happy when you, your sad, also you have a huge crush on him....... no pressure....
But I thought Jin got arrested for trying to... do stuff, to a fifteen year old.
                              Like did he escape prision.
sammiepie45 sammiepie45 Dec 08, 2016
Oh yeah. @Trulydifferent remember him? Remember why he's no longer online _-_
I had read bcuz at first I read
                              "Hes like your cyber idiot!"
sammiepie45 sammiepie45 Dec 08, 2016
@Trulydifferent you would probably just be at home on YouTube and Wattpad. Not sick
*is keeping goat milk in secret storage and not selling it currently*