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Help Me...please!?(Adopted By One Direction fanfic)

Help Me...please!?(Adopted By One Direction fanfic)

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lexicapponi1D By lexicapponi1D Updated Jul 26, 2014

Madison is dying and she doesn't even know it. She has been ripped up on the inside and out and cant fix it. She has been abused and wants to just give up on people on the world on life. She cant help what she has been through her whole life what her parents have done to her and what many others want to do. Why don't her parents lover her care for her want her is the question she asked herself every day and searches for an answer but cant ever find one no matter where she looks. But will five certain guys find her adopt her help her care for her want her and most of all love her for who she is and accept her no matter what. Can they help her forget her past and get rid of the nightmares and images or are they engraved in her mind and on her heart forever.Could these boys help her forget all the names and hatred and beatings she has gone through her whole life or will she be indented with memories forever. She has secrets she doesn't wont to tell people but will she trust them enough to tell. She has things she has gone through that doesn't wan't to expose but will she give up after all these years and tell so that they can help her or not ?

Exiolet Exiolet Dec 07, 2016
I'm not sure you can lose enough blood from your thumb to pass out three times. And even if you did, they wouldn't just sew it up. By law they would be required to give you blood. Something doesn't add up here.
caroline_might_live caroline_might_live Feb 04, 2015
*throws confetti and brings out the cake* happy birthday, Madison!! 
Lucifers_amusement Lucifers_amusement Jul 26, 2014
It is kinda weird because my name is madison and I'm 12 yrs old
MaddyJem MaddyJem Jan 05, 2014
F yeah I just know I will enjoy this just by reading "Madison's POV" xD
pavlovepunk pavlovepunk Dec 26, 2013
I'm sorry, but that's not physically possible. The human body can't go that long without the nutrients from food.
Dawnberry123 Dawnberry123 Sep 12, 2013
wow, i cant believe Rebecca had to threaten me to actually follow you.
                              *Face palms* next time i will just obey her immediately and read the persons writing.