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All To Myself

All To Myself

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Kingoftheducks By Kingoftheducks Updated Jan 09

"Naruto." Said boy stepped back but felt the hard surface of the brick wall hit his back. He looked up at the one who had spoke. "S-Sasuke! Teme, what are you doing?" Naruto said, stuttering slightly. Sasuke ignored him and leant in. Naruto shivered at the look in Sasuke's eyes. Why was he looking at him like that! His best friend!?

{Note: There may be a lot of spelling mistakes here and there, I apologise for that. I usually only write this when I'm bored/tired/or it's 3 am in the morning and I can't sleep. Those three can be put together hahaha. Anyways, enjoy!}

My Bus Diver Curby was taking us to Toronto because That was our school trip and he was hung over! There was cops up ahead but cops can't stop a bus so yeah.
ThePowerOfNorgay ThePowerOfNorgay Oct 12, 2016
Holy crap I read this book back when I didn't comment on anything ever. WeIrD. Welp time to reread.
kanekiken123444 kanekiken123444 Aug 07, 2016
This is the best story ever.....I just love innocent love...<3
Murong_Liu_Yue Murong_Liu_Yue May 01, 2016
*dabs eyes cause tears are damn bitches* Sasuke you may now kiss the  bride!!!!!!!!!!
It won't stay like that, they will become smexy foreplay shïts.
kalhixo kalhixo Dec 06, 2016
Both half of each other . If anyone tells me other wise I will bash their skull inside out .