13 Boys (Seventeen Fanfic)

13 Boys (Seventeen Fanfic)

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Xu Myung Hae(you) is a Chinese-Korean 17-year-old girl. She's asked to have an interview. Later on, Xu Myung Hae is kidnapped and is brought to a surprisingly big house and meets 13 good looking boys.

*Don't worry, not all of these parts are chapters so you don't have to suffer*

DISCLAIMER: This was written back in 2015 when I was younger so it's not going to be the best story. It's also VERY CRINGY. I'm warning y'all before you guys start reading so.....
Seungkwan(whispers): It's very low quality.
Me: HEY!! The book isn't a mirror! 

You have been warned :))

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kpop1706 kpop1706 Dec 23, 2017
ne mameul humchil Black suit tutututu nal hyanghae binnan neoye rujeu ajjilhan neukkim Move it up LOL
ParkChanhie ParkChanhie Apr 05
I had a feeling that MyungHo oppa was my brother.. Bcs me and his name literraly similar except Hae/Ho
                              Me: Xu MyungHae
                              He:Xu MingHao