The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked?!? |Completed|

The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked?!? |Completed|

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Emily is a shy girl. She gets good grades, doest party like other teens. Listens to her mom. But when she gets paired with Bad Boy, Luke Sanders, she can only hope for the worst.  


"Come on Emily, just do it." Luke continued to nag me. I shook my head.

"No,, I-i, no." I stuttered, not wanting to tell him the real reason why I wouldn't skinny dip.

"Your so uptight. Come one. I'll let you think about it, but I'm getting in right now." He smiled at me and began 'stripping'. I squealed and covered my eyes. all I heard was his muffled chuckle.

"You're so innocent."

samiyahS- samiyahS- Sep 29, 2016
People today are like: Shes my bestie, my wifie, my bitch, my A1 Day 1
nanami77 nanami77 Jan 31, 2016
A principal can say awesome? Oh meeee gudddd! My principal say great or outstanding... And other what nots...
nerdsarebae16 nerdsarebae16 Jun 03, 2016
That's what Queen B stands for....Queen Bitch *when realization hits you hard*
peachlyons5 peachlyons5 Jun 03, 2016
Am i the only person who reads a lot of books with ivy highschool it it.... Why cant i go to this school lol
Imma_UniPenguin Imma_UniPenguin Jan 26, 2016
I prefer the term 
                                                       MORE INTELLIGENT 
                                                               THAN YOU
jyedon jyedon Jan 03, 2016
Second time reading this, and it's still really good(: I was in the first 100readers, and have watched all the reads go up. You really deserve them, this is one of my fave books x