Marco Diaz x Reader: One shots

Marco Diaz x Reader: One shots

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●ω● This is a One shot book, it's filled with Oneshots (obviously) ●ω●

●ω● I will be making one-shots about Marco and you but I can't promise you guys that it would only be filled with Marcos ●ω●

●ω● yes that's right, I'm going to make Oneshots with others if by a chance... ●ω●

Mama Hsien please a Marco x reader x dipper crossover please
I'm that stupid?
                              My bestie: YES! YES YOU ARE!
                              ME: thanks for answering my question!
                              MORE THAN A FEW MOMENTS LATER...
                              HEY! THAT'S NOT FUNNY. I'M NIT THAT STUPID!
dreamerlivs dreamerlivs Aug 27
I would do that even if I guessed they were talking about me. Just to annoy my friends.
Hi can I request a one shot please a Marco x reader x dipper crossover please
AphmaZan AphmaZan Aug 17, 2016
I have a request, could you do one where tom asks to his ball. But you don't like him, only as friends,but tomorrow doesn't know that. Also when tom left to get something, you meet Marco. But he doesn't tell you his name. (Just like the episode) At the end of the dance he kisses you and ton gets mad
Floor19_Fierro Floor19_Fierro Feb 13, 2016
Hello mama hsein Cici here and I had a great idea for a one shot!
                              What if reader-chan was a metamorphagus (Harry potter)? I'm not good with plots but it's an idea!