Torn To Pieces

Torn To Pieces

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that's how she felt. It was creeping all  over her , she knew a normal girl would  weep, weep until she could weep no more, but Anisa couldn't bring herself to weep. Her castle was broken and lost, just like Cinderellas  hopes, but Cinderella had her slipper, and at last she won her prince. But Anisa unlike Cinderella had nothing.                   
                                                                                                     Join Anisa and Imshad through their journey layered with struggle, hardship, jealous , pain  and hate  
And also adventure...


" If I wanted to kill you dear, I would have already done it. But I want to kill him, and I wanted you to see it..."

Anisa's whole body began to tremble.
" No...I won't let you to kill him... you  can't..."

©every single characters , the plot belongs to the author.

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annforever416 annforever416 Mar 08, 2016
I don't know about love at first sight either. 😂😂😂it makes so complicated if we think that much... I guess it will come when we least expected it. 👍
aleenashaheem aleenashaheem Jul 19, 2016
This is great oii. Btw anisa is much more better than me. When it comes to punctuality.
Unique_Niqabi Unique_Niqabi Sep 23, 2016
Woah the chapter is super cool. I love the book already. And i know this book is soo emotional though but couldn't help.gonna join this journey which jas alreay reached it's destination
annforever416 annforever416 Mar 08, 2016
Hi-five! I loved math too! Math's actually my world in school.
CastleOfBooks0129 CastleOfBooks0129 Mar 08, 2016
                              That sound pretty hard :p :p
                              Most of us are night owls :p
annforever416 annforever416 Mar 08, 2016
It's true. What a wonderful thoughts when you wake up early in the morning and find yourself more energetic and eager to do some crazy things within that routines of ours. Whether were happy or sad, delighted and thankful... the best thing that we could be is being ourselves. 😃