the bad boy ↠ c.h

the bad boy ↠ c.h

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It was my first day back in school since summer and I was dreading going in. I wasn't looking forward to having to smile and be polite to hundreds of people that I hated, everyday for the next few months. 
I know I probably sound like some kid who hates everything but I'm not. It's just most of the people in my school were social climbers with a combined IQ of 5. 

Don't get me wrong I did have friends but I was only really friends with them so I didn't have to sit alone everyday and they were the most sane people I could find in the school. There was four of us, Amy, Ahdree, Genevieve (Gen for short), and Me. I walked up to them as they stood in a circle talking. "Oh my god, where were you all summer?" Amy asked me. "I was on vacation in California with my family." I told them. Although that wasn't 100% true, yeah I was in California but not for the whole summer. I wasn't in the mood to have to explain to them why I didn't want to see them all summer. 

I was saved from the small talk...

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l1216l l1216l Mar 20, 2017
"You're a real asshøle, you know that?"
                              "Ooh... your brother's not very polite, Eyeball."
_Gameoverbby _Gameoverbby Jun 25, 2017
Perhaps 'why don't you just come to mine' will be our always
lacedrose lacedrose Jan 24
I like how you didn’t make her too smart like every other fan fic
stronk80s stronk80s Jul 03, 2017
That's what I said 1 year ago and now I'm happily taken😭😌