Stereotypical Pisces vs. Actual Pisces

Stereotypical Pisces vs. Actual Pisces

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I'm no weak minded girl.

I don't whine about my problems a lot.

I HATE crying in front of people.

I am a Strong Pisces.

And these stereotypes are pissing me off.

*Confidence booster after reading bad things about your sign*

And no I'm not complaining, I find these funny sometimes but sometimes it kinda annoys me.

I also like ranting soooo


*10 chapters*

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Same. I really hate those stereotypes that say Pisces are these sensitive type of people when some of them aren't
True. Why is it that everyone thinks that Pisces are weak minded and can't stand up for themselves. I mean come on, we are just a strong as any of the other signs, if not stronger!! Does anyone agree with me??
I have a dose of anxiety so I’m not sure. But I will kill a bìtch if I have to.
0fikiri 0fikiri Aug 16
I'm not even a Pisces but like if second-hand offended-ness is a thing that's pretty much what I am lmao
I HATE THAT! I'm actually really brave, much braver than most people around me!
                              I am not a Ravendor for no reason!