The One Month Bride

The One Month Bride

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Hafsah Ahmed By Gemie_Gem Completed

Vinnie Connor was the only child of her parents and they treated her like all other parents who had a single child would treat their kid, with extra care and affection.
Vinnie didn't like, a single bit, the way they treated her and grew up to be a stubborn and rebellious young woman.
Vinnie was 22. She studied business in a local college in the mornings and by evening she was a waitress in a burger joint at walking distance from her house.

One similar evening, when she was returning home from work, she met a mysterious stranger, who offered her a ride home and an offer to marry him. This could be her freedom from her parent's over protectiveness and a mean to fulfill her dream.

To find out if Vinnie accepts the offer or not, read on....

Cover credit: Zammurad

AnushaBhutto AnushaBhutto Jun 04, 2016
It's interesting ❤ and I'm also an 'OnlyChild' so i can understand this stuff 😜
JktPie JktPie Mar 10, 2016
Wow this is really great, I cannot wait to read what's left 😊
LorezaSumayan LorezaSumayan Apr 18, 2016
Ungrateful little wench. You should be thankful you have loving parents..
cookiescupcake1 cookiescupcake1 Jul 13, 2016
This was interesting could you add spaces between paragraphs
fromnetflix fromnetflix Mar 11, 2016
I wouldn't care who you are if you have a nice car I'm taking a picture of it
cookiescupcake1 cookiescupcake1 Jul 13, 2016
It is very very interesting good plot and everything but maybe you could make the chapters longer I would love to see where this is going