That Dream Came True (SamGladiator x reader)

That Dream Came True (SamGladiator x reader)

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~(Y/N) Pov~

I was looking at my computer to find the new episode of Yandere High. I was so excited I got my friend into watching it with me instead of her watching it alone.

"What episode is it?" Jessica my friend asked.

"Who cares? Let's just watch." I say as I put the episode on.

When I looked at Sam Jessica poked my cheek.

I look over at her and ask "what are you doing?" 

"You blushing for your senpai!~" she laughed.

I blushed. "So what, let's just watch..." I say watching it again.

"Dont you wish you were in minecraft?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah, I do." I said then suddenly a bright white light surrounds us and we lost out vision.

After a few seconds, we got our vision back and were freaking out. Were in minecraft world and if I believe so is that were in and apartment building same with Sam and Taurtis!

We both fangirled....

"I guess it's almost time for school, were already dressed so, let's go!" I quickly say running down the stairs.

"Wait, (y/n)!" I just kept running an...

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AliceLiddle4 AliceLiddle4 May 03, 2017
X3 my little sammy. Is it weird that i have a boyfriend named "Sam" ?
ToriLarssonRedLeader ToriLarssonRedLeader May 23, 2017
                              lol i am such a kid
A_kinky_Mami A_kinky_Mami Apr 22, 2017
Me: Poor Taurtis *pat pat*
                              Taurtis: love ya
                              Me: love chu too
You cannot forget a such important character. Taurtis helped shape the plot the way it is.
BrokenToy BrokenToy Feb 04
How can I blush because of a Minecraft CHARActer.... Eh, you do you.
AshleyShipsKlance AshleyShipsKlance Aug 19, 2016