Never Forget Me (Meliodas Fanfic)

Never Forget Me (Meliodas Fanfic)

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BlackDeathMelody By BlackDeathMelody Updated May 23

Isa was a poor child. Her family abandoned her. She was once rich, but her parents found out about her secret powers and kicked her out saying she was 'assassinated'. She wondered the streets for years. The Royal Family wanted Isa back, but by that time she found Sir Meliodas. The Royal Family got captured by the holy knights (even Elizabeth). Isa didn't want to help them, but she had to for the promise she made to Elizabeth.....

Read the story to find out wat happens!!!! Cya l8r my deadly little notes!!!


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No offense, but this is escalating too quickly O.o but it's good.
Fifi0522 Fifi0522 May 24, 2016
Lol... My name is Isabella and everyone calls me Isa... Odd huh that why I'm reading this story!!!!!
Bensgirl18 Bensgirl18 Nov 24, 2015
heyoo its me so i just wantes ro say please do something like a asap chapter when you just put a really 5 minute whip up chapter even if it's short
Bensgirl18 Bensgirl18 Nov 24, 2015
Please the suspicion is tooo strong please make more im litteraly lagh  rying as i write this to you this book is my drug hehehehehheheheheh hahahahahah mwahahahahahahahahahah *cough*   *cough*
BlackDeathMelody BlackDeathMelody Nov 23, 2015
Any1 who payed attention to the clothes, well, I'm gonna change them and put a pic at the top. I'm too lazy to draw my character...