Abused Luna

Abused Luna

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Wildestdreams_323 By Wildestdreams_323 Updated Dec 31, 2017

Juliet is the daughter of the Alpha of the Bright Moon Pack. They are supposedly the nicest pack out there. But what they don't know is that  the Alphas own daughter is treated like the lowest of them all, all because she was accused of causing her mom to run away, only leaving a letter behind. 

Now she is abused and after years of hearing the same horrible words repeated she believes everything they have ever told her. 

Jake is the Alpha of the Dark Stars pack. He has been looking for his mate for five years if not his whole life. He is known as ruthless but towards the people he cares about he is caring and kind. His whole pack loves and respects him.

What happens when he decides to visit the Bright Moon Pack after hearing a rumor that they have been abusing an omega. Which is not allowed since every person deserves to be treated equally.

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Crazy-lazy_bitch Crazy-lazy_bitch Apr 30, 2017
You better pray for your life and sleep with one eye open tonight, bc I'm coming for you
She is very strong 
                              She has the ability to get back up again even after she’s been beaten 
                              I like that about her
QueenArdor QueenArdor Mar 29, 2017
My parents would be happy if I did that but she got whipped for it
Ashlee3405 Ashlee3405 Nov 06, 2017
Well since you feel that way I hope you both die a horrible death ☺️
itsapotatoday itsapotatoday Feb 27, 2017
I'm bullied so if abuse happened to me like this, I would actually want to die. Depressing, I know.
                              THE POWER
                              The self control
                               I'd either whack a female dog or... nah I'm good with the first option actually