The Baby Project

The Baby Project

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"Don't take this the wrong way, but you're looking extra beautiful today sweetheart." He whispered and my breath hitched when his lips gently pressed onto my exposed skin on my shoulder. My breathing rate then started fastening. My heart pounded and i didn't know why. My breaths came out short and uneven as tingles shot through my body.

"Jayden" I gasp when his lips moved up. This needed to stop. He was drunk and Jake was upstairs for God's sake.

"Tell me...............................

If you want to know want happened next continue reading cause you're in for alot my dear readers. That's right I'm back babies. After writing the bad boy trained me to fight I took a break but now I'm back.

BethanyJones, Jayden Black polar opposites but they have to take care of a baby together love together and they do not get along what happens when unknown feelings start to surface...............


akates100 akates100 Jun 23
🎶🎤 work work work work work🎤🎶-rhianna 🎶🎤 you ain't got to go to work work work work work work let my body do the work work work work work🎤🎶-fifth harmony
Sakuraneko5 Sakuraneko5 Jul 15
Whatchu talkin bout Ghetto behavior bruh dat nothin  bruh 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑👏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾
akates100 akates100 Jun 23
Aww that's the best age theyre cute, weird, and funny. Language to with all he slurs  and stuff
Readeraas Readeraas Nov 26, 2016
That's a good thing that mean they feel bad for you. They trying to look out for u
ReynicoIsLife ReynicoIsLife Dec 14, 2016
YAY!! I'M IN THE BOOK!! (My name is Amy) 
                              Oh... schist, this character is gonna have the baby project too... 
                              *goes through portal* *comes back with blonde hair and gray eyes instead of DARK brown hair and DARK brown eyes*
                              There, I'm not Amy anymore, I'm Katelyn :D
queenkayla021 queenkayla021 Oct 02, 2016
Why he gonna die from a plane crash like I'm getting on a plane this month and I'm so scared