Only One Of Me. | Book 2| Stiles Stilinski

Only One Of Me. | Book 2| Stiles Stilinski

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Trust the instinct.

After Aunt Kate dying, things just turn for the worst. My grandad comes back and works harder into killing all werewolves because one did kill his daughter after all. 

Jackson turns into something that is literally an abomination, Lydia wakes up and goes crazy, plus me and Allison have to say goodbye to the women who raised us to be the girls we are today and the only good things that comes out of it all is watching my big sister fall in love, again. 

Derek turns into a Alpha and starts to turn people, who are hating life and are willing. Which means The Argent's have to stop him. But so can Scott, Allison, Stiles and me.

But I also turn out to be something no one knew existed...


Book 2 of Stiles Stilinski series!

please read the first one first, then this one!

I don't own teen wolf, I only own Alissa Argent and her cousin Maggie.

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Josh_King_Hamilton Josh_King_Hamilton Aug 16, 2017
Falling would be a little too much since they barely talk. Maybe a crush.
It is falling - crush and falling for him I'm treating at the same thing😄
rknox15 rknox15 Dec 30, 2016
Yup he is just straight up cute don't worry honey we all fall for it