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Pregnant by a gang leader

Pregnant by a gang leader

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Jade Currie By JadeCurrie Completed

I am currently on a plane back to London I left 3 weeks  ago to see my dad he left me and my mum 10 years ago because he found out my was cheating on him with his best friend so he left. I landed back in London my mum has a driver waiting for me so I got in the car and went home when I got in the house my mum and her husband Robbie were in the kitchen eating when i walked in i said hey. They both looked at me and said hey. I said mum I am pregnant, she looked at me with hate and told me to get the fuck out of her house and told me to stay with my no of a good dad. So that's what I am doing I am going back to L.A to live with my dad.

LauAz2 LauAz2 Jul 21, 2016
It will be good to write this in paragraphs. Mark the separation between one thing and the other. So it dont be like its all in one. The main idea until now is good.
hannahlayne42 hannahlayne42 Mar 11, 2016
You should use dialogue like "hey" and "bye" I just feel like it would make it a lot easier to understand. Love the book so far though!💖
BeTheChange1999 BeTheChange1999 Jun 11, 2016
Do not read this crap people, you, the dear author, need to learn how to write readable and not confusing books
SofiraCloud SofiraCloud Apr 25, 2016
I wish you had quotation marks. This thing if you don't know.------> "
                              I mean I didn't know what it was for a while either. 
                              I can still understand it. but have "" will make it better.
sierrakayy10 sierrakayy10 Apr 13, 2016
Quotation markss i dont know where they are speaking its confusing
Angel-rose02 Angel-rose02 May 07, 2016
If you could use " when someone talk it would be easier to understand, but the book is really good so far