(Eddsworld X Reader Insert) From Surviving To Living: The Dancing Revenant

(Eddsworld X Reader Insert) From Surviving To Living: The Dancing Revenant

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Ace By Girl_of_Fire Updated Jul 02, 2016

You are moving to England to escape your past. But will it come back to haunt you?

I only own the plot, Maverick, A-Pax, and the Royal Scientist.

Goal: 700+ words per chapter. 

Slow updates.

Also crushes and themes of depression, some cussing, death, violence, mention of murder, and other mature themes.

(This book does not contain smut, but will drop hints that it has occurred... Maybe... I don't know yet.)

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when ur stupid ass friend (no offence Matt.) does so stupid like your face palm goes through your face and onto someone else's face
When somebody keeps on pestering you and you're trying to sleep you're all like shut the Hell up or I will end you.
rubywolf74 rubywolf74 Jun 05
I don’t understand lol can someone explain or is this referenceing a game
rubywolf74 rubywolf74 Jun 05
Me being American:yeah life is tooootally great here !like nothing goes wrong lol I just made fun of my own country but can you blame me lol
LeGhosty LeGhosty Jul 20
I just read the title and the song Hit And Run played in my head