Babygirl (h.s)

Babygirl (h.s)

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Jae By KingRubberDucky_ Updated Oct 08, 2016

In which a 25 year old man is infatuated with a young neighbor named Delilah

"What grade are you?"

"Sophmore, sir."

"So, what does that make you? Fifteen? Sixteen?"

  "Y-yeah. Fifteen, sixteen next month." 


large age gap (9-10 years)
sexual content (duh)
daddy kink

triggeurs triggeurs Jul 17
Okay but I keep thinking its that old dude from Lolita instead of Harry IDNSND
bbgnative bbgnative Jun 08
Just saying, I love everyone so much who commented lmao wtf you guys are amazing💀😂🔥
oh please delilah call me master styles the dragon lord trainer of the east of england
You'd be surprised by how far a students gotta walk for her education Haz
gonna pretend she's biracial black with pretty golden curls like me
Lokid143 Lokid143 Jul 14
I read that wrong and thought it said that he actually did do that 😂😂😂