Babygirl (h.s)

Babygirl (h.s)

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Jae By KingRubberDucky_ Updated Oct 08, 2016

In which a 25 year old man is infatuated with a young neighbor named Delilah

"What grade are you?"

"Sophmore, sir."

"So, what does that make you? Fifteen? Sixteen?"

  "Y-yeah. Fifteen, sixteen next month." 


large age gap (9-10 years)
sexual content (duh)
daddy kink

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if homegirls comes through with the aggressiveness it's quiet, yeah no it's quiet
                              but if she comes through with some MANNERS 
                              homegirls gonna like.... get it
Bish at least he ain't saying call me daddy like all the other ones start off so I think he's going slow
Darlysha4 Darlysha4 Aug 24
I'm gonna pretend she's a Latina it's always a white girl wtf
Yall need to chill, we all know what we got ourselves into when we started reading this, in my opinion he isn't going that fast, its just a simple touch on the thigh
southwests southwests Oct 08
Why everyone is asking why is she white because ALMOST all white people are more likely to get away with this type of stuff. *sorry if I offended you* 😂
YandereYuko YandereYuko Jun 26, 2016
Dang I feel weird... Me and my daddy have the similar age gap... 9 years 0-0