InSaNe AsYlUm (Creepypasta x reader)

InSaNe AsYlUm (Creepypasta x reader)

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ThatWeirdStalker By BlOoDy_RaVeN_14 Updated Nov 17

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy peoplez thanks for reading my other creepypasta stories if you read then its your choice if you wanna go back and read it but anyway.............

In this story the reader-chan..............

HA! You'll have to find out for yourselves sorry if it triggered you that you dont know the story much but then again the title says it all and isn't better to be surprised? Eh? Eh? Okay sorry just choose if you want to read this story or nah

Manikiichan Manikiichan Oct 23
Omg I 4'12 I know there's no such thing but my night stops right in the middle of 5 4'11
"What is it now..? Daddy.. *coughs laughing awkwardly* awhawhawhaw! Really?!" *bloopers*
Fan girls out there what will happenT͎o͎b͎y͎ f͎e͎d͎ y͎o͎u͎ w͎h͎i͎l͎e͎ y͎o͎u͎ were on h͎i͎s͎ l͎a͎p͎ *d͎i͎e͎s͎*
Is this a even a question 
                              HÈLL YEA
                              Runs into hèll IM HOME
michineow michineow Oct 22
I thought september 18th was the time jeff the killer got insane xD or is it september 24th?