blinded (Larry Stylinson au)

blinded (Larry Stylinson au)

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Trin xx By Zaynhaspowers Updated Apr 07

"how many fingers am i holding up"

"how would i know i'm blind"

*May be mature in some parts, if you are uncomfortable, this book is now for you."

My name is ruby! I have never been more proud to be called ruby in my entire existence and that is alarming but IDC! Hazza wants to name his car ruby
larrytherum larrytherum Aug 31
okay but why did this hit me so hard I'm full on tears already
larrytherum larrytherum Aug 31
The only reason I came here was to comment "me while I look at the eclipse"
littlewhitelies3 littlewhitelies3 Sep 08, 2016
The jerk that u want to et all 1D fans and we all run over him....goalsssss
xXWolfloveXx xXWolfloveXx Nov 10, 2015
WTF ASŚHOLE gosh I'm not a fan off 1D but damn is that a dïck move >.>