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Richard A. Milam By Richard1940 Updated Apr 27, 2013

Thrice pointed and daring, so mystical in question. 

This tomb so bequestered in revel.

Set in the sand, in repose through the ages,

Midst wealth, guarded sanctity from devils.

And set in moldedstone, so thick to with stand Earth's rigores and damp and suns force,

But pierced from scavenge this tomb of antiquity by scholars and thieves in their scourge.

Now given this tomb and all of its myth, and all of its treasures of yore,

Disguised ever noble with kings and queens mighty,

Misleading and concealing in its bowels a door. 

A door to the past and a door to the future,

vastly hidden by chambers of stone,

One day to be opened, this labyrinth of time,

Making presence of deity ever known...    

                                                                          Richard Milam

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