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The Clown Prince of Crime (The Joker)

The Clown Prince of Crime (The Joker)

191K Reads 5.3K Votes 30 Part Story
Ellie By gothicwh0re Completed

Doctor Arabella Jones was a new psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. 

What would've happen when the Clown Prince of Crime-also known as the Joker-arrived at Arkham, and Doctor Jones was selected to be his psychiatrist? And how would the Clown Prince of Crime change Arabella, and everything she was?

(This book is written in dedication of Heath Ledger and his amazing performance of the Joker. Rest In Peace. I don't own any of DC's characters however the story line is my idea and the main character is purely of my creation. Do not copy.)

The Clown Prince of Crime Copyright © Ellie Goodson 2017 All Rights Reserved. None of the literary work maybe be reproduced, re-made or used without written consent from the author.

janebra45 janebra45 Aug 23, 2016
Am I the only one a little upset by this? Not to go all tumblr feminist, but saying that she was victim of domestic abuse is because she was weak minded genuinely bothers me.
dead-and-dying dead-and-dying Aug 14, 2016
Same and instead of Heath Ledger I'm thinking of Jared Leto's joker whoops @Kellyod10
iru2016 iru2016 May 25, 2016
Could you read my fanfic too? Its about the origins of the Joker
HeatherSerella HeatherSerella Apr 18, 2016
Oh, I guess that's where I'll be taken when they find me then.
ms_exo ms_exo Jan 18
Arabella's got some interstellagator skin boots
                              And a helter skelter around her little finger and I ride it endlessly
riddellk riddellk Aug 10, 2016
Be careful Jones because Harleen was once in your place and look at her now