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Nandini sits on her bed crying her eyes out regretting what she had done. she accused manik of murder. Here Nandini is crying thinking manik will leave her and never talk to her and on the other side there's manik who's fuming! saying that his Nandini doesn't believe him. 

Nandini thinks of going where manik had called her and says she will explain everything to manik. She wears the long beautiful red dress that manik had gifted her and leaves her hair out. She gets ready to leave the house. 
Na: ayyappa please, Sab tikh karije (teary eyed) with that she left the house. 

Nandini had reached the place manik had asked her to come. 
Na: (crying) lakhta hai manik won't come. 
Ma: and why don't you think I'll come 
Manik suddenly came from behind. 
Nandini sees him and run to him for a hug but manik stops her from hugging him. 
Na: manik, I know you are angry at me and you have a full right to be angry at me .. 
manik: why should I be angry (straight forwardly) 
Na: because in the court I...

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