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Mal Shelton By malshelt Updated Jan 11, 2018

"What is the world beyond the dream?"

They say that dreams are visions in the brain of past experiences and vibrant memories ... but what if they were the doorways to another world entirely?

Welcome to Nour - a world clenched in fear and oppression by Nightmares, cars are nearly a myth, the color blue doesn't exist, and the strangers who regularly appear from a realm known only as the "Otherworld" are just fantasy - or so they say. But when young Elena Pelfrey finds herself unwittingly trapped within, she must join forces with one of the very beings the world so greatly fears - a Nightmare, but one who is a wanted traitor to his kind. Now they, along with a colorful cast of characters met on the way, must work together as they journey to the fabled Edge of the World, for legend speaks of a supposed gateway that lies just beyond its rim - an entry to the Otherworld, and Elena's home. But when plans go awry, Elena is thrust into a chain of events unlike anything the Dreamscape has ever known.

Note: This work is still a draft in progress. Any and all parts of this work are subject to change.

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