International Love(Vhope Fanfiction)

International Love(Vhope Fanfiction)

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Lee Rin(Yoonmin321)(I'M BACK) By Yoonmin321 Completed

Kim Taehyung: Goes by the name "V" online.
Jung Hoseok: Goes by the name "Jhope" online.

Two young boys, V and Jhope,  have been texting, skyping, and calling each other for about two months now. 
V, who is Korean but lives in Japan temporarily cuz of family... Issues. And Jhope who is living in Korea with a normal life. That's pretty much the reason why they haven't met yet.

The story starts off as V is still having family issues and he realizes he is falling in love with Jhope. But they are so far apart... This is International Love.

Each chapter will be each day they contact each other starting from when V starts liking Jhope.

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Vhope_love Vhope_love Apr 18
Is it bad that everyone's talking about languages and then I'm here like 24/7 heaven lel
@youroppaishere what if I told you that . . . I thought the same thing
YasoHope YasoHope Sep 29
for me.. I'm always using my second language (English) on the internet 😂
*slowly appears into the scene holding the backs of their heads and trying to push them together* NOW KISS
This reminds me of when my principal took away my phone on the LAST day of school. I was blasting Cypher 4 too loud and did hear her walk in the room
pastelreine pastelreine Jul 29, 2016
It's even harder when you speak 3 languages, sometimes I say something in English thinking that it was French, or creole. Or I start in English ending up in one of the other two.