My Boss

My Boss

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thisprincessisnotonfire By PrincessGoofyGirl Updated Nov 23

I'm just suppose to take notes.

I am just suppose to get him coffee, or help him with some documents.  

I keep convincing myself I'm doing  it for the money, nothing else.

Oh come on...

We both know that's a lie. 

Elsa  Arendelle came for a job, that's it. She works, does what she's told, and leaves and gets ready for the next day.  But, how can men ignore her with her beautiful baby blue eyes, and her charming smile? And that gorgeous platinum blonde hair that every girl envies? And don't get me started on her curves.

Ok the point is, she's every man's dream girl. 

Now Jackson Overland Frost is the Boss. 

Yeah, you heard me. 

I mean, like, Jackson Overland Frost, the cold, sexy, badass multi-millionare that uses girls for his pleasure. Every time a girl see's him, they wet there own panties. 

What happens when fire gets too close to ice? Will Elsa be able to melt Jack's stone cold heart? Or will she become nothing more then just one of his toys?

JELSA112 JELSA112 May 30
My sister says that since everyone loved jelsa they aremakinh Fraozen2 and adding Jack Frost romance up in here
Wait, wait, wait. Didn't she take her car to the club? Why is she taking a taxi back home? Haha, I'm so confused.
makiagirl makiagirl May 28
Your book seems very good and interesting great job❤️🍵💯🙏🏽
JELSA112 JELSA112 May 30
Wow just a 'something-something' wow 30s never knew ya had it inside you at all
JELSA112 JELSA112 May 30
She thinks she won't but she will and soon you'll say I only have time for her and only her forever
JELSA112 JELSA112 May 30
Eh his smile his ok I'm the type of gal that doesn't fall  for guys that easily