A Tale of Two Twins(boyxboy)

A Tale of Two Twins(boyxboy)

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Faye By ColdPhoenix Completed

Dominic and Damian are identicle twins. Damian since birth has been Dominic's shield. That's how Damian nearly died at 3 years old. Their mother fearing Dominic would be harmed should Damian die hurries her sons without their father knowing to the dragon Vulcus and begs him to save Damian's life. Vulcus agrees only when his condition is promised will happen. As hard as it is for her she promises as soon as Dominic is of mating age he will be betrothed to Vulcus. Vulcus saves Damian by placing half of his own magic into Damian's body therefor connecting the two.

10 years pass and the twins find themselves being separated for the first time Dominic travels to the Royal City to become a knight and Damian searches out the hermit to train his magic. For three years the twins face torturous obsticles to make their dreams a reailty.

 Though for Damian the torture is one he hates with a passion. During the training period every day after lunch Damian finds himself being raped by his teacher.

On the day Damian makes it to the Royal City he's ecstatic at being far away from the hermit but soon finds himself in a far worse situation. He is assigned to protect Prince Gabriel and finds himself falling in love with the mule headed Prince.

Will Damian be able to keep his love alive or will Gabriel be assassinated by the enemy kingdom?

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miralouenna miralouenna May 17, 2011
this is good but you keep saying they're three but they're terribly strange three year olds
Mystery-Writer0602 Mystery-Writer0602 Nov 16, 2010
although I prefer realistic high school boyxboy stories this is actually very good.
                              Keep writing :)
Mystery-Writer0602 Mystery-Writer0602 Nov 16, 2010
this is quite interesting so far. Do I since twincest? =D
                              Can't wait to read more
ColdPhoenix ColdPhoenix Oct 17, 2010
k my pc was bein a bitch so i had to delete and put this whole story group up again