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Sexy oneshots (Erotic One Shots)

Sexy oneshots (Erotic One Shots)

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bangerz_Anonymous By bangerz_Anonymous Completed

Glancing enviously at my best friend Carrie out on the dance floor grinding her ass on some random man well  I sit at the bar with a nasty ass drink in my hand feeling sorry for myself. Sighing I turn around getting ready to grab my stuff and head out when a husky voice stops me."leaving so soon kitten?". A voice whispers right in my ear causing me to whip around and locate where the voice came from. Standing in front of me is the definition of sex on legs itself pitch black hair all tousled on top of his head captivating blue eyes and a body that is with out a doubt drowl worthy. Hearing a low chuckle I snap my eyes up to meet those beautiful blue eyes again."done checking me out yet kitten?" He asks ever so cockily. Scoffing I roll my eyes at him "what ever I've seen better?".

Lie big fat lie!!

With darkend eyes he takes a step foward "ohh really now?" He says 
Gulping I nod chuckling he takes another step forword  until he has positioned himself right between my bare legs his ha...

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