The Treasure Of The Last Dragon Queen (Pirate! England X reader)

The Treasure Of The Last Dragon Queen (Pirate! England X reader)

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What even?? By MidnightSheW0lf Completed

There's a Legend. About a Queen, who was exiled to the Abiectio Isles by her husband, the King, The Abiectio isles are small islands surrounding one big island. The King used it to harbour any 'criminals' that he wanted to make suffer. But the exiled Queen was ruthless and fierce, and became ruler of the Island but also fair and Intelligent which gained her many allies and a vast army. But the Queen was feared by others but it wasn't because  of the size of her army, it was her dragons: Balthazar and Leonis, beasts at that followed her every command 

She was going to rebel against the King but was mysteriously murdered, but some say that she knew she was going to be murdered and therefore hid her treasure from all of her victories over pirates, armies and sailors in the underground caves of the Abiectio Isles.

But no one believes the Legends anymore. No one believes in sorcery or winged serpents anymore. But when a gang of Pirates, become interested in the treasure, only you can help.

Because the Legend isn't over yet.

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Jin829 Jin829 Jul 06, 2017
Why do I keep reading Allistor's lines in a shrek voice? Am I the only one doing this?
Wi1dCh1ld Wi1dCh1ld Jan 21, 2017
Dude this is already great AND well written which is a rare find. I found no faults so far and the way you set up the reader and started the story is outstanding!
Piscesaki Piscesaki Dec 23, 2016
-looks at title that say "Neptunes Lady"starts laughing a little" technically I am Neptunes Lady I'm a Pisces
- - Jun 23, 2016
here I am once again. You can never read a book too many times
- - Dec 28, 2016
Why do I keep reading this and loving them ;^;
                              This is already starting out awessome!~