Me and my 12 brothers. YES....12 brothers!

Me and my 12 brothers. YES....12 brothers!

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~STORY COMPLETED! just in process of editing~ 

Lexi Walker has 12 brothers. Twelve irritating, annoying, bossy and protective brothers. The only female contact she has in her life is her mom and has to cope with all the pranks, arguments and play fighting between the two of them. 

Having to move suddenly to another state for her mother's new job, Lexi's life isn't all just about her brothers' anymore, especially when she meets her new neighbours. More specifically, Noah Dean, the boy that storms into her life and creates havoc. 

New people, new feelings and a new place. Will it all be the same? Or will Lexi finally grow up and learn to protect herself instead of her brother's doing that for her?

Romance. Friendships. Enemies. Family. Love. Everything that's needed to create a roller coaster of feelings for this girl.

Family means everything. Let's just hope it stays that way.

Lillyyyy21 Lillyyyy21 Nov 03
OH U FÜCKING TJOUGHT those are not the characters while your editing choose another picture PLEASE
crazycowww crazycowww Nov 14
...but... wasn't he?... and now he's... what happened to that girl?
khia-lopez khia-lopez Oct 29
I have 10 brothers. I hate them. They're WAY TOO overprotective.
Mad_Desires Mad_Desires Sep 11
That is where GUAVA JUICE LIVES! wait . is it? North ? Dunno
                              Now I can picture myself as the main character!!!!!!
Just to let you know that this book is DEFINITELY worth reading! Even though there's quite a lot of name you need to remember but it's worth it 😊 oh and BTW there's 80 chapters in this book.. Now now, don't go back and go to instagram and keep scrolling...