A Love That Lasts Forever

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Keeley By BelezaPrincesa Updated 4 years ago
Brileigh has had feelings for Tagen for as long as she can remember.  She believed he saw her as a sister, until he recently began showing the same feelings she has for him.  Weird things start occurring that has Brileigh questioning everything she knew like her parents death.  Turns out their death, which was a car accident, isn’t an accident and the murderers want one thing,  Brileigh.
Love how you started it.  Making the entire thing a sort of flashback is a great idea :)  Off to the next chapter. 
I really liked this. Kinda reminded me of the NoteBook. Great job.
I really liked your beginning!! Ahaha, at first I was beyond confused, but as I started reading more and figuring it out, I fell in love with it. Very unique!!And what a sweet plot!! Voted!
Wow, I really love how you started this. At first I was like wat the....? But wow, dif. and so far wow. Im gonna keep reading
Cool I'm definatley gonna keep reading! By the way I love your choice for characters!! Alex Pettyfer= H O T!! ;) I'm in love with the boy <3
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