Alpha Dean

Alpha Dean

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This is book one in the Alpha Dean series 
Book two is Alpha Noah Reed

Alexandria Florence aka Alex the girl that never speaks why doesn't she speak because her father who is supposed to love her, changed he wasn't the same man he used to be. Her mother died when she was 11 years old, Alex  didn't want to talk anymore, she didn't  want to live anymore and she would have ended her life but she stuck around for her little sister London. Alex doesn't think that her life has a meaning but maybe she will find out it does when she meets her mate.

Hunter Dean the Alpha of the blue moon pack, the biggest pack in the world and the hottest guy in school. He has it all a huge pack, a big house, all the hearts of every girl in the school and yet he's missing something he's missing his other half his. His mate. He wishes to find her, to hold her and love her. He keeps telling himself he will stop messing around with girls when he finds his mate. Will he stick to his words?

SangoSai SangoSai Oct 08
u earned a vote for making me laugh, fall out of chair, almost break moms computer when im grounded.... BANALA
alexboo2216 alexboo2216 Oct 08
My names Alex and the girl playing Alex looks a lot like me!. Except prettier!
sosecret1 sosecret1 Oct 16
Really sad but this is sometimes reality. Very nice, Continue doing 😏
This story is really good and I can tell I'm going to love it, but it's really funny because the girl Ashly, sorry I don't remember if that is how you spelled it, she has green eyes and blond hair and I do too, but my name is Ashlyn lol
Holy0Terror Holy0Terror Sep 01
they look like siblings. btw I've only read this first section
R_Phoenix_ R_Phoenix_ Jul 23
Oh my god! Usually I have cheesy hilarious things to comment but... Oh my god '.'