Yes Sir  {StudentxTeacher]

Yes Sir {StudentxTeacher]

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Who_The_Hell_Cares By WRIT3R44 Updated Jul 04, 2017

Nori has had it rough her whole life. Both of her parents are dead and her brother Matthew can't stay out of prison. 

What happens when she meets her new teachers who's just about had it with her reckless behavior. Does he teach her a lesson or two or let go the one girl he actually wants to mean more. 


"Sit down" he growls at me. 

"No thanks" I snap back. 

"Fine, I'll just call officer what's his name to come collect you for grand theft auto" he raises a brow glaring at me. He wouldn't! He can't! 

Just to piss him off I hop up on the counter instead of sitting on one of his stupid expensive chairs, kicking my legs back and forth. 

He grabs my leg stilling me and I glare at him hard. 

"Are you going to tell the school on me?" I roll my eyes. 

"No" his voice soft, no longer demanding. 

I only notice him getting closer when he spreads my legs to stand between them. His eyes a bright shade of blue. My fingers reach up to trace his light stubble. It's prickly under my fingers. When I get closer to his mouth he parts them. My stomach burns and my breathing falls into soft pants. He's your teacher! 

"I should go" I push him only to be grabbed by his large hands 

"You stole my car, it's only right to punish you" he growls. Huh? 

"Like give me detention?"  He chuckles deeply and I gasp as his eyes turn to a darker shade of blue. His lips curve into a dangerous smile. He leans in close to my ear, causing me to shiver.

"Not even close baby" something hot and wet flicks across my lobe, moving to my neck.

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hibitches_Beyonce hibitches_Beyonce Dec 29, 2017
Im kinda mad that she goes through that but thats really sweet and mindfull
shad0w4tw0 shad0w4tw0 Apr 12, 2017
Macbeth and Hamlet are not novels. They are Shakespearean plays.
Mariam12210 Mariam12210 Oct 19, 2017
I guess the author is egyptian. Well for me I am egyption too and I learn French at school 😂 😂
anyfink anyfink Dec 10, 2016
- - Oct 22, 2016
Ooh! Loving this so far. 
                              And I'm baaack. You can enjoy my awesome comments.  Lol. X
rosalindcool rosalindcool Jan 24, 2017
😂😂 I remember I had a temporary teacher and I came everyday to see him and act dumb with my work so he could help me and smirked at my friend's