Our Love Isn't Worthless (YANDERE! TEACHER! Levi X Reader)

Our Love Isn't Worthless (YANDERE! TEACHER! Levi X Reader)

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😊Call me Jasper😊 By levi-trash Updated 2 days ago

You believed that he loved you. You really did. And you loved him more than words could explain. However, you didn't know he loved you so much you actually started to become frightened by his obsession over you. 

He is so obsessed that he became your school math teacher in order to gain control over you. All day, everyday.  Good luck....


He slammed you against the wall, making sure his hands were dominating your small and trembling figure. His sadistic eyes burned into your fear-filled ones. 

He leaned down to your right ear, silently taking short hot breaths against it. 

"What's wrong? Don't you love me?"


Btw the cover is made by the amazing Marionette!!!!!!!

Also I will be working with my co-author which is also the Marionette!!! ❣

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