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Royal in Hiding

Royal in Hiding

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Arya Suna By GeekyChick0223 Completed

Prince Merlin Ambrosius of Larean and son to King Balinor and his once commoner wife Queen Hunith, once a great Prince even at his young age of 10, is now on the run from an evil sorcerer who, with the help of a few traitors, took the legendary kingdom suddenly and swiftly during the night giving only the Prince, his manservant, Will, and his Mother the chance to escape. Returning to Ealdor, the home village of Queen Hunith, the trio thought that they would find haven there until the now King's knights came in search of the young prince forcing him to flee once more. Now hiding in Camelot, under the care of the close ally to the Ambrosius line, Gaius, Prince Merlin is working as the manservant to King Arthur, going on outrageous adventures and protecting the oblivious King's life day after day until an unexpected attack comes from the Kingdom Merlin lost, Larean and The King, Queen Guinevere, Merlin, and the Knights of Camelot are forced to flee. Merlin seeks out the druids for protection only to have the shock he needs to possibly reclaim his throne and finally seek the revenge he has only dreamt of for many long years, will he seize the moment, or let it slip?

Gracefully catches apple
                              Gracefully trips on bin, gracefully falling on the graceful floor.
*sees everyone writing 'run forest run'. Instead says*
I read this a while ago.  But I forgot to praise you on how much I love this
Tayla2811 Tayla2811 Aug 14, 2016
This is amazing!!! Arthur couldn't tell black from white even if he tried. Btw it's warlock, not sorcerer.
holliehindle holliehindle Sep 02, 2016
They shouldn't stare or gasp or whatever... he has already told them the truth... but as always, they wouldn't ever believe it, because they would be completely oblivious, even if it stared them right in the face, which it had for several years