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OdeToLife By HymnForDeath Completed

"Through the bloodstained window, they could see fire. There were burnt buildings reduced to ashes, foreign shinobi running along the streets, and more lifeless bodies on the ground than they could count.

They could feel their eyes burn as their hands were clasped together, feeling that if they let go, the other would somehow end up like everyone else out on the streets." 

- - - - -

When Sakura was young, somebody once told her, "Make your decision quick, child." From then on, every decision Sakura ever made was quick, just like she was told.

Hesitation is for the weak spirited. Indecision is for the weak minded. Vacillation is for the weak period.

For a shinobi, there is only ever time for quick decisions, never more.

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ThatEczemaGirl ThatEczemaGirl Apr 05, 2017
Thank god you didnt make up an eleven or twelve tailed pony. I wouldve officially flipped ❤
SuperSayainBra SuperSayainBra Aug 03, 2017
I like this idea. I like it a lot. It has potential, and makes sense. Good job, cause there are a lot of fanfics out there that don't make sense, or that create things that shouldn't be there. This is a good idea.
Liana_Espanto23 Liana_Espanto23 Mar 06, 2016
Umm and one more so that means utakata is been replace?? Cause utakata is the sixth tails jinchuriki.....😑😑😑 and kyuubi means ninetails in english
- - Sep 15, 2016
Officially a Sasugay fanfiction. Nice to know :3 
                              You like SasuSaku.
                              We're all screwed *jumps out window*
- - Sep 15, 2016
All hope lost.
                              *jumps out window*
                              *glass shatters*
                              *summons @TENTEN-BISH*
                              All hope is lost ;-;
HymnForDeath HymnForDeath Mar 04, 2016
Ya, ur right. I forgot that the 'kyu' in 'kyuubi' literally means 'nine'.