Haruno Identity

Haruno Identity

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Haruno, Sakura

When Sakura makes her final decision, she must leave the comfort of her home and set out to accomplish a long time goal. 

Her dream.

But little does she know, someone important is looking for her.

This is NOT a SasuSaku fanfic, but it does contain some SasuSaku scenes. If u really can't stand it, don't read this book. And, just a little spoiler, they do end up together in the end for PLOT purposes.

**Currently undergoing Editing**

Umm and one more so that means utakata is been replace?? Cause utakata is the sixth tails jinchuriki.....😑😑😑 and kyuubi means ninetails in english
Officially a Sasugay fanfiction. Nice to know :3 
                              You like SasuSaku.
                              We're all screwed *jumps out window*
All hope lost.
                              *jumps out window*
                              *glass shatters*
                              *summons @TENTEN-BISH*
                              All hope is lost ;-;
Ya, ur right. I forgot that the 'kyu' in 'kyuubi' literally means 'nine'.
Okay, Sakura goes insane and nearly murders Sasuke. What is everyone else doing?