Growing Up In Tartarus: One Wrong Move

Growing Up In Tartarus: One Wrong Move

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Terra Ivoire By Fire-of-Stars Updated Jan 31

What if, when he was twelve, Percy had been the one wearing the special trapped shoes? What if his friends and co-questers hadn't been able to catch him before he fell? 

This is the story of Percy as he grows up in Tartarus. We already know that he would do anything to protect his friends, so why not his former enemy? When Kronos is all that can keep Percy alive in this terrifying environment, Percy must learn to survive in this place called Tartarus. He grows up believing that he owes everything to Kronos and his minions - after all, they do refer to him as 'My Prince'. They helped him survive; if he ever owed anyone, he must owe these guys. And also, no one can be all bad, as they even let him occasionally talk with his friends that are back up in what everyone just refers to as the surface.

Journey along with twelve-year-old Percy Jackson as he decides which side he truly is on, who his true friends are, and if he really is who everyone said he was.

The cover is for Bob, for how, if this story somehow reaches Tartarus, Bob can see how Percy kept his promise.

I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, nor do I own Heroes of Olympus, those rights all go to Rick Riordan himself. I only own my plot, any OC's, and certain scenes. Nothing more.


catog67 catog67 3 days ago
Way to go Percy just tell a complete maniac everything about your life even tho he's been KNOWN TO EAT HIS OWN F*CKING CHILDREN
ii have no idea why i am just smiling as if i want this to happen..................
.... where can I find Luke so that I can drag him to the Fields of Punishment myself?
uraza_abeke uraza_abeke Mar 18
Percy is getting tortured by Luke after falling into Tartarus.
Nope! If he had just saved his mom and hadn't left the underworld yet then he never would have fought Ares.
Fanfrick Fanfrick Nov 20
God dam Percy how do you do this crap so easily like seriously