Loving my Brothers Best Friend [ManxBoy]

Loving my Brothers Best Friend [ManxBoy]

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Who_The_Hell_Cares By WRIT3R44 Updated Jul 04, 2017

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Andy is a normal teenager with a secret. Actually a few. the first one is letting every one know hes gay. second is lying and telling his brothers best friend  he has speech therapy and third, him being ridiculously in love with his brothers straight best friend.

what will happen when people find out  the truth and Andy spends the week alone with Damien while Andy's brother  Jace takes off?


"are you drunk!" he growls yanking me up and dragging me to the bathroom.

"as drunk as a fish in water" I giggle.I just made that up.His mouth is set to a snarl and I almost reach out to play with them.  

"i leave you for ten minutes and this is what you do"

"somebody is Mr grumpy pants, and his name starts with D. shhh... we don't want him to know" I slur. god I feel so out of it, you better stop acting like this, hell tell Jace. shit! I don't want to get in trouble. I try to stand but I collapse down on him. his hand wrapping around my body as support. I stare up at his chin then his lips. oh those lips. his mouth looks so inviting. so soft and pink and fuck I'm getting hard. i lick my lips grinning stupidly at him.

"I'm going to do soothing wild" I croak.

"what?"i think hes more of asking what the hell do i mean rather then what am i going to do. i buildup all my drunken courage  and i tip up pressing my lips against his.....

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pandababies60208 pandababies60208 Jun 17, 2016
U deserve to be burned on a wooden stake for eating and putting them back
Missy_Hoot Missy_Hoot Oct 28, 2016
And suddenly he turns to a she, the wonder of grammatical error