Am I His Love? Or Obsession? *werewolf* [Completed]

Am I His Love? Or Obsession? *werewolf* [Completed]

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How does such a sweetheart, a real gentleman, the man who I fell in love with, turn into a monster? No, I'm not talking about the kind of personality change that makes him hurt me--he would never in a million years dare to inflict pain on me. 
He 'loves' me too much.
My first love... I remember when he was a shy boy. He was scared to talk to anyone--he was shy and insecure. 
But I witnessed him become one of the strongest Alphas to roam this planet. Am I'm proud of him, I truly am, but I don't know if what he feels towards me is love? Or obsession? 
He's the love of my life and treats me as though I'm his everything; I'm his life.
This feeling feels like as though we're mates...but we're not.

I feel conflicted and trapped. I only wanted to help him become a better person and open up. Is this my fault? I never meant for this to happen...

I look out my window, tucking my feet under the warm quilted blanket Lance's mother had made for me. A drop of rain water cascaded down the glass, joining other droplets and leaving smaller droplets of water behind.  The warnth of my breath was starting to fog the glass. My chest tightened at the thought of Lance. I love him so much but this can't continue. I have to get away from him.

The door of the library opened. By the person's scent, I knew it was Lance. I quickly wipe my tears away and send him a small smile as he puts down the tray of hot tea and cups down onto the table beside me. The look in his eyes never changed; full of love and adoration. 
"Here, love. It'll warm you up." he says softly, passing me a cup of steaming tea. I take it with a thank you.
He leans in, leaving a soft light kiss on my forehead before moving to sit behind me. He wraps his arms around me, his body warmth quickly warming me up. He lays his chin on my shoulder, and kisses my neck. "I love you."
I hesitated. "I love you, too." But you need to let me go.

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I am totally in love with this book its my  3rd time reading this book😆
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"What" don't you mean "where" the hell is Lance? Is it another typo?