Through the Gate

Through the Gate

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Melissa Mitchell By addicted2dragons Completed

A dragon falling from the sky... 
An unexpected house guest who is both charming and mysterious... 
Dangerous creatures who will stop at nothing to kill him... 
A kingdom she never imagined could exist... 
Secrets, if left untold, could bring about great destruction... 
A moody king who only makes things more difficult...
And a quest to fulfill a promise... 

What is Claire getting herself into?

Fate has a way of catching up with us - it certainly finds her. Armed with powerful secrets and the pieces of a weapon small enough to fit inside her pocket, Claire gets sucked into something far beyond her understanding. Now she must face difficulties put in place by a king who doesn't trust her, and in so doing, find the destiny she was always meant for.

Modern meets medieval in this first installment of The Dragonwall Saga, which is full of magical creatures and adventure; in addition, there are a variety of interesting characters, and even a dose of romance.

The first thing I noticed was the Norse words in it.
                              The second thing I noticed was the font. 
                              The third thing I noticed is that I WILL WATCH ALL THE ADDS FOR YOU!
Could I copy this map for an art project? I can give you idea credit
how did you make this map? I've been dying to make my own for my own fantasy world but have no idea how.
Congrats! That's pure dedication and determination if your willing to sacrifice time to write a story. Getting a PhD is horribly hard so says my mum. Congrats, you must really love what your doing 
                              (both writing and on physics)
This reminds me of Eragon, in a really good way 'cause I love that seria
Ariador Ariador Oct 23
Really beautiful, seems to be a fusion of the map of Essos and Middle-Earth.