Our Little Cliche (ereri/riren.)

Our Little Cliche (ereri/riren.)

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"God dammit this is too fucking clichè."

Two boys, Eren and Levi. Hardly have anything in common or anything alike. Yet they find their way into meeting each other. Like as if it was torn from the pages of a clichè novel. They recreate their life, transforming it into something so unique and special to them that it is the only things that keeps them both tied down to this known reality. Their own little book of cliches if you will.

"I guess it will be our little clichè, then."

(Based on A true story. Except the eventual smut i made up and guessed. ;3)

I know saying sorry won't help but.. I hope he is happy now :)
People like you are amazing. I've never met you personally but I deeply respect you for doing this.
I'm so sorry for your loss. And I can assure you this will be a truly amazing and beautiful story
Oh my goodness Eren is exactly like me in this book holy shiz. Except a couple of my "friends" are always backstabing me.
So sorry for your loss stay positive and everything will be alright. 😄
I'm so sorry about your brother. We're here for you don't worry. It's amazing that you can write about this, I would never be able to do that. 💖