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Caught in the Spider's Web (Revamped in Madness Waltz)

Caught in the Spider's Web (Revamped in Madness Waltz)

2.2K Reads 15 Votes 4 Part Story
Lorrin By Not_So_Nostalgic Completed

On the outskirts of London there is a mansion and in this mansion there lives a girl. A girl with curls of ash blonde, eyes of emerald and skin as white as snow. There are tales of this beautiful mistress; that one kiss from her rouge lips will cast death upon her love, that she welcomes death at her dining table, that she eats the flesh of children to claim their souls and amongst these many others. 
The most heard of tale of them all, however, is that this deranged and sickened mistress sold her very soul to the Devil. For what she received in return nobody knows. Forever in the company of Death himself she shall remain until he claims her accursed life.

madamelulu madamelulu Apr 25, 2012
@Deaths_Marionette The story's going good so far, not bad. Keep up the good work, I'd like to see more of this intriguing story.
Not_So_Nostalgic Not_So_Nostalgic Apr 23, 2012
                              Yes, a friend pointed that out to me one day. I've seen the show & such but the similarity between the two butlers never really occured to me before then -.-'... I'm currently rewriting this story so I may change that about him; I would hate to mimic another's character.
JasminJabiarSagales JasminJabiarSagales Feb 26, 2011
twisted and dark in every way possible. wow. i fell in love with it! :)
Lacey2GalaxyB Lacey2GalaxyB Feb 07, 2011
Dude, I freaking love your style of writing! This is fantastic! Literally the best horror story I have ever read on this site! It reminds me of Black Butler. 
                              You are seriously my favorite author from this site right now! I am so looking forward to your next upload.
Not_So_Nostalgic Not_So_Nostalgic Feb 07, 2011
@obsidianbutterfly13 Thanks & yes, there will be more. Hopefully I will have enough time to finish chapter 2 for you :)