Supernatural bands [ereri/riren]

Supernatural bands [ereri/riren]

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Eren is an omega wolf. He also happens to be the lead singer of the punk band '104th'. His mother is dead, his father is absent and his sister is the bass-player in the band. 

Levi is a vampire. He is the lead guitarist and singer of the other punk band, 'survey corps'. He doesn't have family. Only his two best friends. Hanji and Erwin.

Petra arranges a tour for Levi's band, with the help of Armin. Armin is the manager and best friend of eren. The two bands tour together. 104th open concerts for survey corps. And survey corps open for 104th.

The only thing is, only one tour his is available. Meaning, the two bands share a bus together. Romance blossoms between the bands.

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ErickaPhantomhive ErickaPhantomhive Jun 24, 2017
So Annie is bottom... Thats the first time i have ever heard of it
Mind534 Mind534 Jul 13, 2017
Adulthood is like looking both ways before crossing the street and getting hit by a plane (I'm not sorry but I had to)
MaeghanMesser MaeghanMesser Sep 30, 2017
When I was reading this it reminded me of the last episode of season 1 on ghost whisper
yaoiidmylife yaoiidmylife Jun 05, 2017
Me when he said I'm as straight as a circle: well.....A circle has some curves in it *wink wink* if ya know what I'm saying
So basically he said he’s straight as a circle and circled aren’t straight so he’s gay....way to ruin the joke
Gogo_juice Gogo_juice Feb 20, 2017
Hello I'm Eren I'm twenty but I'm actually 19 and next month I'm twenty and then I'll be thirty but I'll be 29 first 
                              (Not making fun I just find it amusing )