The  Alpha's Abused Mate

The Alpha's Abused Mate

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Anu Oni By QueenAxxx Completed

Abuse: Unfair or cruel treatment of somebody

Mate: i.e soulmate   . Somebody you're destined to be with for life by the moon goddess

Abused mate:............Rose Wilson

That is what you can use to describe her
She has nothing

Parents who don't care if she's alive

Pack men who come to rape her every night

A sister who can't stand the sight of her

Life couldn't get any worse
Or so she thinks

Until she meets someone whose name can make people tremble

Alpha Kyle

- - Oct 27
Yeah neither will you when I turn into a wolf and snap you head off throw it in a meat grinder then fe- (I'm going to stop there and no I wasn't gonna say feed it to her family pfft)
colts3131 colts3131 Oct 01
You probably are or holy vow I'm beatiful not related directly
You know when a guy gets hit in the balls and the other guys start groaning cuz they know how that feels. Well even if I don't know how it's feels to have hot ass water on my vagina my thighs end up pressing together at the thought of how painful that would be.
not so much after he finds out you jackasses abuse her mentally and physically