My Alpha

My Alpha

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Alex H. By TheronTaylor Updated Jun 23, 2015

My back collides with the rough bark of the tree as he pushes me aginst it. "MINE!" he growles at me .

 I stare at him watching as his eyes turn red and fill with lust while his dark chocolate hair turns stark white. I gasp looking at his new appearance. All I can think of is how damn smexy he looks. He growles as though he heard that thought and brought his head down near my neck and sniffed me. I heard a satisfied grown come after words. Damn that just made me just a little more wet. I gasp when he picks my legs up and I twine them around his waist. 

"Shit," I breathed when I feel his erection pressing on my inner thigh. I know he's nice and big in that area. My wolf purred at this thought and for once I didn't care. I moaned when he started grinding aginst me. I felt his breath as he wispered in my ear.................
When Tyler wakes up in the morning she would never guess that she would get to go with her pack to their yearly meeting with their enemy the Blackwood pack. While there she meets her soul mate Thaddeus. Thaddeus is the Alpha of the Blackwood Pack. He is rude, crual, and keeps to many secrets. Tyler is going to have a lot of fun trying to find out these secrets of his. Especially when there is teasing involved.   [WARNING: this book will contain some scenes that are not okay for a younger audiance also has strong language.]

    imayseim imayseim Jun 25
    I unawarely turned off my sense of hearing in the mornings so I'm ALWAYS late. Literally, I never hear my alarms.
    Dinomoo1212 Dinomoo1212 Aug 05
    If any body say nasty things about this book I will smash there brain out and make sure that you have a heart so I can punch that out too!!
    Dinomoo1212 Dinomoo1212 Aug 05
    I thought you were a were-pig, Nah  that was a horrible joke... Forget I said that 😫😭
    Dinomoo1212 Dinomoo1212 Aug 05
    I keep on thinking Tyler is a boy and it is really annoying me because I know she is a girl but every time I read her part I think of a boy
    Keirra92 Keirra92 Jul 24, 2016
    Beatrice and Peter... I feel like I'm having a Divergent moment 🤔
    ngaruuu ngaruuu Dec 17, 2015
    Hahaha this reminds me of my teachers when we had to wake up at midnight to summit Mount Kilmanjaro. My teachers were singing and everything and to encourage us to get to the top they would say "At the top of the mountain is KFC"