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Sweet Lullaby (Lesbian) (#Wattys2016)

Sweet Lullaby (Lesbian) (#Wattys2016)

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B3L0WZ3R0 By B3L0WZ3R0 Completed

Her smokey green eyes sparkled with mirth and mischief as she kneeled in front of her captive, taking in the position she was in with a smirk. Upon realizing that she wasn't going to do it herself, Hunter hooked a finger underneath Cierra's chin, lifting her cinnamon colored eyes to meet her own.  Her jaw was clenched, but Hunter could see that she was finally close to breaking. 

The Detective did not bother to fight against the heavy chains that locked her into her position; kneeling with her knees spread apart, her arms behind her back with her wrists and upper arms bound together. It was a familiar position, one that she knew that she wouldn't be able to escape. One of Hunter's favorites, because all of the marks she'd left behind were on full display.

"I'm surprised you've lasted this long," Hunter stated, sounding pleased. "And it's been fun. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll survive tonight."

Cierra wanted desperately to resist, to at least attempt to save her own life. But Hunter's voice was hypnotic; a sweet lullaby that forced her to do exactly as the other woman pleased.

Macactos Macactos Jul 03, 2016
Yeah, she has a 100% chance of being the killer and you're feeling jealous right now
senpisok senpisok Dec 10, 2016
Ok, sorry, pet peeve of mine *warning:contains political content *..if a bar were to discriminate against women saying no women allowed, the bar would be hit with so many lawsuits and a boatload of new reporters and protesters, so why do we think a bar that refuses to cater to males is ok?